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Introduction to the Center – Development Goals


The teacher’s function is to perform the services of teaching, studying, serving and guidance. The Teacher Development Group was organized with a subsidy from the Teaching Premium Program of the Ministry of Education in the 2007 academic year, which was specified for business relevant to professional growth and teacher development, in order to achieve the goals of enhancing teacher’s quality of instruction and intensifying teacher’s research efficiency. In order to integrate “teaching” and “learning”, the “Teaching Development Center” was established in the 2009 academic year and was categorized into three groups, “Teacher Development Group”, “Teaching Promotion Group” and “Digital Resource Group” to promote teacher’s instruction, quality consolidation of teaching and research efficiency. Starting in the 2011 academic year, for a higher level of effectiveness in the deployment of teacher’s resources for instruction, the Teaching Development Center is instead classified into only two groups, “Teacher Development Group” and “Teaching Promotion Group” to provide a more diverse scope in teacher’s resources for instruction and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our business promotion.

Activities on Studies on Approaches of Teaching and Demonstration of Teaching Practices were held to intensify the functionality of the Teacher’s Expertise Growth Unit; in addition, teachers were urged to upload textbooks and the content of handouts to our official site of the University & Teaching Development Center, an interactive sharing platform of teacher’s instruction through operation and construction, which provides a tool for all teachers to present individual expertise in teaching. Also, teachers of our school were encouraged to develop textbooks and handouts with a variety of multimedia, which is helpful to assist teachers’ growth in expertise, enhance achievements from students’ learning, thoroughly cultivate education in hospitality and tourism and pursue teaching with superior performance.


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