Teaching Support


    Promotion of Teaching

    (1) Target of Service
    1. Provide students with effective approaches and resources for learning
    2. Assist students in planning suitable approaches to learning on their own and further improve their effects.
    3. Achieve targets of learning; establish students’ expectations for their own career.
    (2) Services
    1. Plan and host various study programs to enhance students’ foreign language fluency and efficiency of information.
    2. Promote self-learning activities on campus for students.
    3. Host varied activities for students.
    4. Host activities relevant to TA training, exchanges, performance appraisal and incentives.
    5. Host activities relevant to LA training, exchanges, performance appraisal and incentives.
    6. Organize Learning Guidance Programs and Individual Learning Consultation Services
    7. Amend regulations relevant to the incentive program and enhance students’ effects in learning


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